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I empower women by using transformative coaching. I help my clients unleash their creativity, eliminate negative self-talk, and help scale their entrepreneurial journey. It paves the way for a life and career filled with authentic self-expression.

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Hey there! 
I'm Casey.

I am deeply committed to helping others harness their creative potential to bring about a real and tangible difference in the world. Life is about demonstrating how imagination and innovation can be powerful agents of change, inspiring others to believe in the limitless potential of their creativity. 


Daily I strive to embody this philosophy, always seeking new ways to push the boundaries of what we believe is possible through the power of creativity.


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Live boldly, live fully.

The Paid Creative self-guided course is perfect for all stages and aspects of self-discovery.

TPC Flagship Course

1:1 Personalized Coaching

I help female entrepreneurs tap into their creativity, shift their mindset, and make more money doing what they love.

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The Paid Creative Programs

180-day holistic business coaching programs to turn your passion into a money-making business.

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The Paid Creative program gave me a better grip on achieving my goals and a clearer vision of my path/place in this world as both a female artist and entrepreneur. It went beyond mere inspiration by providing me with practical tools, frameworks, and techniques to apply in the pursuit of my dance dreams and business ventures. 

This program is relevant to creatives, entrepreneurs, and artists looking to maximize their efficacy and realize their dream life. This program helped me refine my time management & decision-making skills, which is a huge investment in myself and my endeavors. I now have the confidence to be consistent and claim what’s mine.


I paid $3,000 for a certified Tony Robbins coaching program and have gotten SO MUCH more value from just a couple of phone calls with you, particularly regarding entrepreneurship. I didn’t realize how important it is to pick a coach that understands my SPECIFIC needs and background, takes the necessary time to do that, and holds me accountable for the changes I want to make. Thank you, Casey 💛


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Lead Gen Masterclass

So you have an offer, but still have the looming question... "How do I get clients?" In this masterclass you will learn exactly how to take someone from a stranger to paying client. 

The Paid Creative Flagship Course

This course will totally change your mindset and take your business to the next level so you can live a life full of creativity and passion.

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